Owner Registry

Owner Registry

Talk about being members of a very exclusive club! Let’s see how many of us there are left. Here is our chance to get a good idea of how many of these wonderful basses still exist. Please send in the production number of your bass. A picture of it would be cool and a picture with you holding it would be way cool! Do you have friends who own an Earthwood? Please let them in on the fun.Brian Ritchie owns several of these and they’re scattered around in different cities so I don’t know if we can get all his numbers. We’ll just have to ask him!

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The First One.
Robbie Venturini of Austin TX owns #500, the first Earthwood! He was 22 years of age in the picture below.90137166

~ #506~
William Carter, 8” Las Vegas NV Sold Guitar to Micheal Rhodes of Nashville
~#_______ ~
Unknown teacher with student. Early 8” model90137992