Earthwood Acoustic

Celebrate your love and appreciation for the classic Earthwood Bass guitar–
“The bass that set the pace!”

At Earthwood Fan, we offer a history page that shows how the creators of the Earthwood bass brought this special instrument to life. Loaded with interesting tidbits.  I’ll bet you learn something here!

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Howdy and welcome to the site for Earthwood bass overs! My name is Johnny Silver, the Vaquero Balladeer. I am the self-proclaimed Vice-President of the    Earthwood Acoustic Bass Fan Club. My wife, Rose Sharron, the Lilly of the West, is the President..

“Fan” is short for “fanatic”.  When my brain isn’t working elsewhere it always goes back to “how can I bring my love of these basses to more people now that they are in such diminishing numbers?”  I thought a website was a good start.  I have discovered that you don’t go find and buy an Earthwood bass—it finds you! It’s like they are out there choosing their owners!  Creepy, I know, but that’s how I got my wife’s.  One just moved to our town and I happened to spot it on Craig’s list.  Another popped up by accident when I was surfing the web.  Another—well, you get the picture.

So welcome aboard the Earthwood Fan site where I hope you can learn what makes them so special and why nothing up until now has even come close to sounding like they do.  I hope you find this a friendly site that you can feel free to contribute to, and help grow.  I welcome you to participate with pictures and stories and anecdotes about the wonderful, totally unique and almost extinct, Earthwood Bass.  As Rose Sharron says:



By the way, I started on this journey to obtain one of these instruments for my wife, “Rose Sharron”, the bass player in this family.  I have wound up producing them.  The Lamont Flatback is similar in size to the Earthwood, but uses improved bracing and are handmade, one by one by our luthier.  It is a great sounding, suitable replacement, supplement or alternative bass to the Earthwood.  Great for playing live or for recording.  Please see for further information about this instrument.

This is Rose Sharron beside an upright bass. If this instrument is too big for you and you don’t own an Earthwood, try a Lamont Flatback—“the bass without the bulk”.

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