When you read the “People are talking” section of this site, four things seem to stand out:

  1. Everyone agrees that the Earthwood Bass was the best acoustic or fretted bass ever made—in great part due to its large size.  Even with its inherent faults of collapsing tops and loosening bridges, nothing compares to the bass sound it produces.  Here is a case where bigger IS better!
  2. Everyone wonders why Sterling Ball won’t re-issue it in view of the demand.
  3. Everyone is aware of the Earthwood’s rarity and high value in the marketplace.
  4. Everyone wonders why no one has ever produced a reasonably priced successor to this bass.

I have been studying and prototyping this instrument for over ten years.  Comments like these have inspired me to share my knowledge with this website and to go ahead and produce the successor to this bass.  The Lamont Flatback uses the same top dimensions as the Mexican guitarrón and the Earthwood which was inspired by it.  Each Lamont is handmade, one by one, in our custom shop by our talented and experienced luthier to insure its quality, sound and longevity.  Despite what others may claim, this IS the best sounding and loudest acoustic, fretted bass available today!  We have tried to keep the price at less than half of what a used Earthwood costs.  I am committed to help you find an Earthwood through our website and to provide you with a worthy alternative while you wait.  Please go to